Monday, June 20, 2011

Hangawi Restaurant, New York City

On recommendation from our good friend Sweet Melissa we tried Hangawi in NYC, A Gourmet Korean restaurant that is also 100% vegan. Everything was super good, but it costs a pretty penny.

Ever wonder what a 15$ salad looks like? Ta-Da! We provide the answers to these pressing questions. This was the "organic mix green salad" (organic fresh herb salad with tomatoes and grapefruits in creamy almond dressing) The dressing was really good, and we loved the salad. It wasn't until we got the bill that we realized how much it was. Was it worth it? Hard to say. For the size it is overpriced. But if we went back here we would surely get it again.

These are the "kabocha pumpkin pancakes with mung beans." (pancakes with shredded kabocha pumpkin and mung beans) These were a hit. Deanna loved them. It comes with a dipping sauce that was very nice. They seemed to be made of potatoes with pumpkin and mung beans mixed in.

This is my sweet little lady Deanna, happy and enjoying our "high-roller" dinner.

Coming in at 25 big ones was this wonderful "organic zen bibimbap." (with organic vegetables, mushrooms and wild mountain greens, served with organic brown rice) What is a bibimbap you ask? It was my first one too, and now I'm hooked. (Well for vegan ones anyway.) Very good. It came with a miso-paste sauce and in a hot stone bowl which kept it sizzling the whole time.

Deanna had the "avocado stone bowl rice."(avocado with variety of vegetables and tofu over rice mixed with miso sauce in stone bowl) weighing in at 20 bucks, this one came with white rice and Deanna wishes she had substituted for brown rice. (Actually I think she just wanted my dish.) We really enjoyed the restaurant and atmosphere. You have to take your shoes off. Also it seems like you have to sit at very low tables and I was fretting because I can't even get into the Indian style position, and I would have had to lay sideways and Jabba the Hut my meal to be comfortable. But luckily there is a secret chamber under the table for your legs to go into. They banged a special gong before signing "Happy Birthday" to some customers. And when you leave your shoes are waiting for you on the steps like eager puppies. A charming, if pocketbook-scorching place for sure. Take someone special.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gelaromy Gelateria, Rome, Italy

We visited Gelaromy Gelateria not too far from the Vatican City.

Fairly nondescript, we got the address from Happy Cow.

The word every vegan is searching for, "Soia."

Happy Campers. If you are visiting St. Peters Basilica, or the Vatican Museums, this Gelato shop is a nice walk through a very charming part of Rome. Map It.