Thursday, April 26, 2012

R.I.P. Maggie Mudds!

Maggie Mudd's is now out of business I hear from an SF friend of mine.
So sad! We would often eat dinner somewhere and then rush over to get dessert there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sesamo Bar, Barcelona

We have a long history with Sesamo Bar. For years we have been going there and watching it go through many changes. Our first times there it was vegetarian but always had something for vegans. (the best phase, with the best food!) Then it changed to serving meat as well. (I don't think we went during that period.) But we heard that they have gone back to being vegetarian again so we went to check it out.

Deanna got a mushroom tart thing. We both agreed that the pastry dough was too hard, the tofu too tough, and the tomatoes not ripe. Overall she gave it a "Meh."

But this salad on the other hand was a blockbuster. A vegan bonanza meal in itself. So many vegetables and greens!

Deanna and I both agreed this salad alone was worth coming back for, regardless of the entrees.

I had a mushroom curry type dish. This dish was also quite "Meh" but I ate it.

If we were in Barcelona for a time again we would probably give it another chance. But if the food was the same the second time I bet we would not go again. Luckily, they change the dishes often, and I bet that we just went at a bad time for vegan choices.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature in Veg News!

Ed was featured in the June issue of VegNews magazine.

Talking about skateboarding, art, and veganism. And of course this blog we do got a shout-out!

Pick up a copy if you have a chance, a great resource for vegans from recipes to great shopping ideas and articles to keep your brain sharp.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

La Estrella, Barcelona, Spain

Pasteleria La Estrella Cake Shop.

It says "PUJOL" outside and we found it using Happy Cow.

On a whim we went to this place and were befuddled and then pleasantly surprised. From the outside appearance and judging from the area it's in (the semi-seedy Raval district) you would never in a hundred years think this place had anything for vegans. And even when we walked in we were struck by the authentic quaintness of the place. There was an elderly man running the place and it seemed really old school. And by that I mean decidedly NOT vegan-friendly.

Check out this ornate ceiling. (click images for larger view) But you see the easel with the sign on it?

It says: Exquisite Pastries, 100% Vegan. Suitable for the lactose intolerant, Suitable for egg allergies. Free of cruelty to animals.

This cute man was helping a woman before us and he very slowly wrapped up a cake with paper and ribbon in such a meticulous and efficient way. Like he had been wrapping cakes for 50 years.

Don't put your grubby fingers all over the cakes! He will get some little silver tongs and you point at which treat you want, and he will surgically tong them out for you.

This is the one case in the store filled with vegan treats.

We pointed out some cute mini cupcakes and some other goodies, we had no idea what flavor exactly, the language barrier was impenetrable.

He then did the same slow and meticulous wrapping job, with string fashioned into a handle and everything. I wish I could have explained to him that we were going to walk outside and shred all of his beautiful work to bits and devour these cupcakes in two bites each. But we just watched with big smiles on our faces.

On the way out we did notice a sign in the window that indicates some vegan-ness.

Our cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla? Vanilla and raspberry? Whatever it was we loved them.