Tuesday, April 6, 2010

De Frietketel, Gent, Belgium

De Frietketel stays open late and serves total junk food with lots of vegan options! Vegan fries, vegan sauces (yes, vegan tartar sauce!, vegan gravy too.) and vegan burgers. Yet again we forgot to shoot the burgers but they basically look like any other veggie burger. It was late and we were starving so by the time we shot this photo of Thomas and Kevin the burgers were history and we were stuffing our faces with fries.

And though we all know what fries look like here's our photo of them. Of course we could have shared one of these massive mounds of fries but didn't.

They also offer vegan meatballs in tomato sauce. Also scarfed before remembering that we have a food blog.

The Evening, Gent, Belgium

This place is a raw carnivore restuarant that serves traditional Belgian food. We only went there because Thomas Caron made us by scheduling a dinner there with a bunch of friends who are all meat-eaters. He called ahead to the chef who was excited to try and make something specially for some vegans. So I cannot recommend going here at all to a vegan, but here are the photos and descriptions of the food the chef made:

This was a bitter little endive. That is all I can say about it. It was good.

This is a vegetable-stuffed cabbage with a creamy sauce. This was quite nice and above and beyond what we were expecting. They should add this to their menu and possibly attract a few extra euro-bucks from vegans.

The dessert. Deanna says, "I give her a A for effort having never cooked/baked for a vegan before." The topping was great, fresh mangoes and a corn syrup... but the cake itself was too dense and dry. Presentation was sweet, heart shaped with a candle. Very nice touch. We hope she gets inspired to try more vegan or vegetarian cooking!

Lekker Gec, Gent, Belgium

Quite a name, no? Lekker Gec is yet another great place that we failed miserably to get any photographs from. The one we did get was of a dessert that Deanna loved.

This was a sautéed banana, "with a sweet syrupy sauce that had some lemon juice in it. I don't even know how to describe it." says Deanna. It was accompanied by vegan chocolate ice-cream and nuts. "It sounds simple, but it was splendid!"

Something we spaced on shooting a picture of but should be mentioned is the Panino. Deanna had it two times and loved it each time. The Veggie "Beef" Stew is excellent too. It comes with a traditional Belgian gravy-like sauce made from dark beer. This place is directly across from the main train station in Gent, Sint Pieters. So it is quite easy to find.

Green Way, Gent, Belgium (and Tasty World mention)

Green Way was our second go-to place after "Cucumber Time"
It's only downfall (and the only thing that kept us from going there more) is that you have to be there BEFORE 8:30 or they will turn you away.
We only managed to shoot one photo of food here, we must have been too hungry to remember our food blog and chomped our food too quickly.
First we will list our favorites that we forgot to shoot:
1. the BLT. You have to ask for the vegan option.
The Tempeh is seasoned really nicely, and I'm not sure what the sauce is, but it's pretty tasty.
2. Spaghetti Bolognaise.
A big plate of noodles with a great veggie meat sauce. If you're hungry, get this.
3. We never got it, but our friend Kevin is backing it, the Veggie Burger.

The one photo we did get was the special of the month: The Syrian Wrap.

Sucks for you if you go there now because it probably will not be the monthly special, but this thing was REALLY good - we ate over 8 of them during the month we were in Gent. Here is the description: Wrap with crispy baked spicy seitan, tomato, paprika, red onion and garlic sauce. They forget to mention that the wrap is grilled in a panini machine which makes it epic!
If you are vegan and in Gent, you will find yourself here.

(There is one other place we would like to mention but took no photographs of: Tasty World. This place has smoothies, salads, and veggie burgers. Tasty World was our breakfast (smoothies) and lunch (take-away salads) every single day. (note: they have no vegan salad dressings, buy your own at a local health food store...)