Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Street Restaurant, Los Angeles

This happened back in June, 2010. Our friend Stacy works at Street, Hot Tamale Susan Feniger's latest restaurant, and we got invited for a special all-vegan multiple-course meal invented just for us. It's always a treat to have a a world renowned chef cook for you, and a complete rarity to have one cooking vegan. Street is not a vegan restaurant, but has many things on the menu that are vegan, and a vegan can have an excellent meal there, no problem. But this menu was concocted just for us!

Here's a peek at our exclusive menu with our names printed on them!

A closer peek.

These are the Mandoo Vegetable Dumplings. Ridiculously good.

The Burmese Melon Salad.

These were the hit hit of the night, Jackfruit Tostadas and Soyrizo Empanadas.

Soba & Satay, green soba noodles with Tofu satay. Yum.

Heirloom Tomatoes with black garlic vinaigrette and Thai basil.

Indian potato & Eggplant Curry. This was so good!

These weren't even on the menu, special Indian savory crepes!

The Nectarine & Strawberry Cobbler. Whoa.

These were some slightly alcoholic, sweet tamarind style drinks that were delightful.

These were called "Kajsa's and Christine's Coco Marshmallow Thing." And they were wolfed up in seconds.

The blessed party who ingested all this sweetness.
Thanks to Stacy and all the people at Street who made this such an amazing culinary evening! Vegans looking for a different place to go in LA can try this place out, and do some celebrity watching while you're there.

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