Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mildred's, London

Just a couple of blocks away from the "Times Square" of London, Picadilly Circus, is Mildred's restaurant. It is hip and always busy. The wait-people are usually hectically multi-tasking but pleasant. The tone is loud with both music and conversation over said music, and crowded with people standing around hiding from the rain and waiting for a table. We ran into two friends from back home, Melissa and Ted and went to sample the vegan parts of the menu.
We went on a Thursday night at 7pm, and it was crazy packed. We had to wait 5 minutes, but just after we got a table, I hear them telling people 45 minute waits! The waiter also said to us, "Watch your bags, we've had some snatches lately."

I got Mushroom Porcini, with mashed peas, and chips (aka french fries.) My verdict: I liked it very much. In the photo you see here the food had been mauled by my fork and knife before I realized I should take a photo. I found the peas good mixed with other bites, and the more saucy bits of the phyllo dough with the mushrooms were the best. With some ketchup, the fries were what you would expect.

Sweet Melissa got this dish (we forgot to write the name down) because it had star anise in it. She said she really enjoyed it. The photo looks really tasty.

Ted got this. Again I have no idea what it was called. It had beets, and large cous cous. I think part of it was not vegan. He cleaned his plate, so he either liked it or was really hungry.

Deanna got the Butternut Squash, Butterbean, tomato, and cinnamon stew with polenta sticks. Her verdict: "It was GOOD! It was an interesting combination of flavors with the cinnamon in there. I really liked the appetizer you forgot to shoot, the grilled artichoke with a crostini and a lemon vegan dipping sauce."

Overall, Mildred's is the place to be, and has very centrally located high-end vegan food. Our meal, with 4 mains, 2 starters, and 3 drinks, no desserts was about 62 pounds.


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  2. It really does look tasty and I'm not even hungry! We just finished some lovely pad thai here at the usual horrific dinner hour of 11 pm. I get home way too late.
    There is an inspiring article in the latest GQ magazine about an attempt to have local food from different continents shipped via express mail. It is a failed experiment but has kept me thinking about somehow trying it. So...maybe you can stuff some of the next meal in an envelope? Just throw in a few ice cubes. That should do just fine.