Friday, November 13, 2009

Saf, London [Updated!]

[UPDATED Jan. 2013] Saf has moved to a new location in London!
(and the menu has changed slightly) 

They can now be found in The Barkers Building, Whole Foods Market 1st Floor.
Saf is an all vegan and mostly raw restaurant on the fancy side of things (read expensive) in Kensington. (Closest Tube station, High St. Kensington.) I listened to the older couple next to us discuss a certain margarita drink in full detail for over 3 minutes, he ended up getting the one from the menu but asked to make it less sweet and to "snap it up" with some lime. Anyway, Deanna and I, since we don't drink, got the lavender and ginger lemonade.

For starters we got the "Tasting Plate" (Which is a sampler plate of all of their raw starters) It consists of Beetroot ravioli, (Cashew herb ricotta between two thinly sliced beets, celeraic cole slaw salad, balsamic figs, and herb dressing.) Vegetable Maki, (Parsnip rice, organic Umi plum pickle, cucumber, and orange ponzu soy.) Olives and Nuts selection, Cashew Cheese, (One made with sundried tomatoes, chives, tarragon, balsamic virgin olive oil, and rock salt, the other with olives) Raw flax seed crackers, and dolmas, (cured Turkish vine leaves, Cauliflour rice, sultanas, Middle-eastern herbs and raw Tzatziki.)
Deanna usually hates dolmas, but liked these a lot.
The verdict: It was incredible! So many tastes and textures! It was the highlight of the whole meal actually. It makes us wish we had chosen one of the raw food entrees. Spreading the cashew cheese on the flax cracker was amazing, and Saf's signature dish the Beetroot Ravioli was for sure a new and delightful flavor for us.

Deanna chose the "Saf Bowl"
Teriyaki glazed tofu, seasoned crispy kale, wok stirred organic brown rice, and kimchee, tsukemono vegatables (pickled in-house)
Her verdict: It was pretty tasty, the tofu was some of the best we ever had, the rice and the pickled veggies were very enjoyable, but the Kimchee was too spicy for Deanna.

I got "Black truffle risotto"
Organic brown rice, wild mushrooms, cashew cream.
The verdict: I loved it, but wasn't floored by it. It was very good and creamy, no complaints at all.

For dessert I got the "Chocolate ganache torte"
Chocolate ganache torte with pecan crust and rum and date sauce. (and a shard of chocolate stabbed into it with dramatic effect...)
This ruled! Hint of cinnamon and rich chocolatey goodness.

Deanna got the "Warm sticky toffee pudding"
Medjool dates, golden raisin, creamy coconut, and orange frosting.
"Pudding" is not really the right word, or rather not the right word for Americans. When we think pudding we think of a creamy sweet thick sauce type thing that you eat with a spoon. But this pudding was bread. A very pleasant surprise! Sooooo Good! It was a warm dense bread covered in sweet cream and surrounded by thick gooey toffee sauce. The waiters were super nice, and the place was packed with people enjoying themselves in an elegant way. Our meal was about 72 Pounds. We would for sure come back here, and recommend it to friends.

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