Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dolores Burrito, Berlin Germany

Dolores Burrito was a great find for a Californian in Berlin. I never expected to find a fairly authentic San Francisco style burrito in Germany, especially since Mexican food in Europe is usually abysmal.

If you are in Berlin and have a desire for some legit burritos, seek this place out. We went for lunch every day we could while we were there. It is centrally located, only a few blocks from Alexanderplatz, and the famous Television Tower.

Deanna was getting a side of Lime Tofu, (harder than you may think, it is not "in the system" and the employees seemed to be very rule-driven and reluctant to figure out how to give a customer a side of the stuff.) which is delicious, to put on her tacos.

She's backing the tacos 100%

They serve meat at this place, but offer a 'classic vegan,' and 'Dolores Vegan' burrito.

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