Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Now Closed] Hans Wurst, Berlin Germany

UPDATE: Hans Wurst is no longer in operation. Hans Wurst was one of the best vegan places in Berlin. The atmosphere is very laid back, almost to the point of being off-putting, but if you can get through all that and get some food, you will be converted into a fan.

The funny thing about Hans Wurst is they used one of the graphics I made for my skateboard company Toy Machine as their logo. The first time I went in one of the kids working there recognized me and told me about the logo use. I loved it! Sadly, I just found on their website that they are closing! NO! Well here is to the memories...

The menu while we were there.

This was the Marinated Tempeh with Orange Fennel Curry.

And this was the Quiche.

And the chocolate cake for dessert. so good.
This place will be SORELY missed on our next trip to Berlin!


  1. "my skateboard company Toy Machine "

    You own a Skateboard company? I thought you just really liked choco cake..:(

    How can U be 2 laid back,brah?
    Yer too uptight,brah.Max Chillax.

    So far in this comment I'm being stupid.
    The only food I recognize is the chocolate cake.
    Everything else=Alien concepts to me.

  2. Marinated Tempeh with Orange Fennel Curry =??????

    This blog is too confusing.

  3. thats cool they used your graphic.Do any of em skate?