Sunday, March 21, 2010

Komkommertijd, Gent, Belgium

I have been told that this translates to "Cucumber Time."
This place is a 100% vegan, all you can eat buffet. And for us, it's open late, which works for us since we work until about 9 every night.
This is a shot of one of our plates...

They have 8 hot choices, and 8 cold choices every night, plus there is always a vegan dessert waiting at the end of the table. If the food is a hair on the 'hippie' side, the desserts are fully legit, fluffy, and tasty. No hippie-ass 'spelt-buckwheat scones.'
This plate has a vegetable tempura, spring rolls, macaroni salad, rice, and some sort of vegetable curry style dish. Every night there is a curry, pumpkin curry is the best one yet. There is veggie lasagne many nights too. Sometimes the grain is quinoa, sometimes rice. We love this place.

Here is another plate...

And another.

And a view of the 8 hot plates.

And dessert of course! Orange cake with chocolate sprinkles.


  1. Hey Deanna & Ed!
    It's Loren, Jared's girlfriend. your food blog is THEEE BEST! Fuuny as ALL! The little stories and the smears in the sauses of the photos are my favorite! You'll Have to check out Good to Go in Huntington when you make it back to the states! Have a MOST WONDEROUS time at your show! Looks killa!

  2. don't forget to mention it's an all you can eat buffet ;-)