Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Green Way, Gent, Belgium (and Tasty World mention)

Green Way was our second go-to place after "Cucumber Time"
It's only downfall (and the only thing that kept us from going there more) is that you have to be there BEFORE 8:30 or they will turn you away.
We only managed to shoot one photo of food here, we must have been too hungry to remember our food blog and chomped our food too quickly.
First we will list our favorites that we forgot to shoot:
1. the BLT. You have to ask for the vegan option.
The Tempeh is seasoned really nicely, and I'm not sure what the sauce is, but it's pretty tasty.
2. Spaghetti Bolognaise.
A big plate of noodles with a great veggie meat sauce. If you're hungry, get this.
3. We never got it, but our friend Kevin is backing it, the Veggie Burger.

The one photo we did get was the special of the month: The Syrian Wrap.

Sucks for you if you go there now because it probably will not be the monthly special, but this thing was REALLY good - we ate over 8 of them during the month we were in Gent. Here is the description: Wrap with crispy baked spicy seitan, tomato, paprika, red onion and garlic sauce. They forget to mention that the wrap is grilled in a panini machine which makes it epic!
If you are vegan and in Gent, you will find yourself here.

(There is one other place we would like to mention but took no photographs of: Tasty World. This place has smoothies, salads, and veggie burgers. Tasty World was our breakfast (smoothies) and lunch (take-away salads) every single day. (note: they have no vegan salad dressings, buy your own at a local health food store...)

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