Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Evening, Gent, Belgium

This place is a raw carnivore restuarant that serves traditional Belgian food. We only went there because Thomas Caron made us by scheduling a dinner there with a bunch of friends who are all meat-eaters. He called ahead to the chef who was excited to try and make something specially for some vegans. So I cannot recommend going here at all to a vegan, but here are the photos and descriptions of the food the chef made:

This was a bitter little endive. That is all I can say about it. It was good.

This is a vegetable-stuffed cabbage with a creamy sauce. This was quite nice and above and beyond what we were expecting. They should add this to their menu and possibly attract a few extra euro-bucks from vegans.

The dessert. Deanna says, "I give her a A for effort having never cooked/baked for a vegan before." The topping was great, fresh mangoes and a corn syrup... but the cake itself was too dense and dry. Presentation was sweet, heart shaped with a candle. Very nice touch. We hope she gets inspired to try more vegan or vegetarian cooking!

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