Tuesday, April 6, 2010

De Frietketel, Gent, Belgium

De Frietketel stays open late and serves total junk food with lots of vegan options! Vegan fries, vegan sauces (yes, vegan tartar sauce!, vegan gravy too.) and vegan burgers. Yet again we forgot to shoot the burgers but they basically look like any other veggie burger. It was late and we were starving so by the time we shot this photo of Thomas and Kevin the burgers were history and we were stuffing our faces with fries.

And though we all know what fries look like here's our photo of them. Of course we could have shared one of these massive mounds of fries but didn't.

They also offer vegan meatballs in tomato sauce. Also scarfed before remembering that we have a food blog.


  1. Delicious! I am so hungry right now!

  2. Hi, I'm a vegan from Gent. And I was wondering about the Bicky place, but then I realised you probably had the name wrong. I think you went to De Frietketel, which is famous overhere for its vegan options. Bicky Burger is actually the name of a burger which has meat in it. On the package you even see the name 'Beckers' which is a big meat production company.
    Well, I hope you had a good time in Gent. And I'm definetely going to the exhibition one of the next days.

  3. Gimme vegan food.

    Let's go to the Loving Hut!

    I had to return to this comment box because the captcha was "pork soul".