Monday, January 28, 2013

Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles

Alternative title: "I am Broke!"
Cafe Gratitude is an all vegan restaurant with raw options. There is a bit of  a hippie vibe. (For instance, the servers ask you a Question of the Day such as, "What are you grateful for?" and leave you to contemplate it while you wait for your food. (or laugh, thinking you are on an episode of Portlandia.)
(There is another location in Venice that seems a bit less crunchy)

This dish is the "I am Fortified" (Note the very new-age names that I try to avoid saying.) Sautéed seasonal vegetables & kale, brown rice or quinoa,  topped with your  choice of sauce:  sesame-ginger, garlic-tahini, red pepper harissa. We had the Garlic-Tahini.  It set us back $12.75 (with added avocado for an extra $2.25!)(Or did it push our health forward? Deanna adds.)
This is the "I am Dazzling" a Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, avocado, brazil nut parmesan and capers tossed with Caesar dressing for $8.5 with added olive tapenade for $2.
This was roasted potatoes with spicy cashew cheese sauce. It's not on the current menu since they change items seasonally. So we don't remember the silly name of this one. It was an "I am" something certainly. (Not Pictured but highly recommended, the "I AM ECSTATIC" - Brussels sprouts roasted with Maple Miso sauce.)
This was their version of a BLT - the "Bacon" was made from coconut, with lettuce, tomato and avocado. Not on the current menu anymore, but it was really good. (Our friend Kevin went back again just to get this!)

To sum it up: We love this place! We just visited the Venice location and found it easier to get a seat, but parking at both locations can be hard. It's well worth the hassles for the great vegan food they are serving. Also, the desserts are REALLY fantastic! The vegan tiramisu lives up to all the hype that we had heard.


  1. "push our health forward" - you guys are the best!

  2. It's a cult!

    They won't promote employees unless they join the cult. It's messed up!