Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Napfenyes Etterem/Sunshine Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary

I was going to be in Budapest for 2 and a half weeks setting up an art exhibition at the Ernst Museum, and on the very first night thanks to Happy Cow, we found Napfenyes Etterem, which translates into Sunshine Restaurant, it was so good we never ate anywhere else the entire time we were there.
The front of the menu.

One of the very nice waitresses who (lucky for us) spoke English and made ordering much easier.
Also, we were lucky that they had menus in English

The "Cheese and sour cream" fusili.
The Hungarian stuffed pickled cabbage.
Two views of the spaghetti bolognese.
And the ratatouille seitan cutlets.
 We basically tried everything over the two weeks, so what follows is just straight food-porn from Budapest.

 A traditional cabbage based dish.

 The director (at the time) of the Ernst Muzeum, Zsolt Petranyi and his lovely wife.
 Yes. Applesauce.

 This corn pizza was pretty good.
Another menu detail.

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"Gelatinous cube eats medieval village, priceless."
Chocolate smothered crepe.


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