Monday, January 28, 2013

Portico, Nuoro - Sardinia, Italy VISIT 2!

In May of 2011 we had the pleasure of re-visiting this restaurant!
We first visited Sardinia
, Italy in July 2010, (see older food post here.).
(I know it's 2013 now, so excuse the lateness.) I can't even describe all of these dishes. But they all tasted incredible. This place is primarily a seafood restaurant, but the chef knows vegan food and just whips these dishes up off the top of his head. All veggies, no fake meats, just ingredients from a master chefs' kitchen. Sweet potato and arugula tempura? Yes. It was again a "Parade of Food" and the mini dishes kept on coming! The ender was a Sardinian specialty, Fregola. Ashley was having anxiety about having to try some fish that the chef was making special for her! Grant was like, she be trippin! But then consoled her. Hope to visit again soon!


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